How to Prepare for your very first Ballet Lesson

Posted: Apr 03 2015

This post is really for all the mums and grandmothers out there who are thinking of taking their little girl to their first ballet lesson. As soon as there is a new little girl in the family a tutu – just for fancy dress or fun - is never far behind!

Many mums remember that they went to ballet lessons as a child and want their daughter to have the same lovely experience. So here are a few top tips for getting your little one prepared for that first ballet class

Tip 1: Find a Great Teacher

You need to find a ballet school for your daughter (or son) to go to, doing a local search on the internet or getting recommendations from friends is the best way to get started. Once you have their contact details give them a call or drop them an e-mail and ask a few key questions. Where and what time is the lesson? What do they have to wear for their first lesson and is there a uniform in place? How much do lessons cost and how can the fees be paid? You should feel at ease with the ballet teacher, they should seem professional but above all warm and friendly so your child will enjoy the experience.

Tip 2: Age Appropriate Preparation

Good things to do with your child before their first lesson really depends upon their age. If you are sending them to lessons for the first time at 3 or 4 (which is normally the youngest they will be admitted into lessons) then ensuring they can listen to a teacher and respond appropriately to directions is key, other than that put on some music and have a dance in the house to their favourite tunes to get them inspired! There are also some great cartoons, you tube videos, and story books about ballet so they get used with some key words and phrases surrounding the dance. If you are starting your child a little older, then watching some you tube videos on ballet lessons or if possible taking them to watch a ballet to encourage and inspire them is a good idea.

Tip 3: Clothing Advice
Every ballet school has different rules about what can and cannot be worn at lessons and examinations so it is best to check when you make contact with the ballet teacher to see what their rules are. In general most schools will let you attend a lesson or two to see if your child likes it before purchasing all the ballet equipment. If this is the case get them to wear something they can move around in, shorts and T-shirt is a good idea, trainers, plimsolls or bare feet will let them try ballet without having to buy the ballet shoes before you are sure they are going to stick at it!
Once they have decided to continue the lessons (we knew they would want to!) standard ballet wear includes a leotard, ballet tights, ballet shoes and a cardigan. You may also want to buy a ballet cardigan to keep them warm, legwarmers and a ballet bag so they can keep everything together in one place.

Tip 4:  Relax and enjoy your first few lessons
Remember that these are lessons and you will not be expected to know anything before you begin and with a good teacher your child will make steady progress and even take and pass examinations. The most important thing you can do is expose your child to music and encourage them to dance and move to the music as much as possible so they see it as a fun activity.

When you have taken your first few steps as a ballerina and are ready to get your ballet uniform and first pair of ballet shoes then browse our site for all the ballet supplies you will need.

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