Looking Fantastic When Doing Gymnastics

Posted: Aug 12 2016

Gymnastic Leotards by Tokyo Monster | Looking Fantastic When Doing GymnasticsWith the Rio Olympics now over with our success in the gymnastics, as well as other sports, many kids and adults are getting the bug and thinking about getting involved. It’s been a brilliant couple of weeks for Great Britain.

Gymnastic Fantastic!

The Olympic gymnasts look amazing in their Gymnastic Leotards, and gymnastic uniforms!

For those hoping to take to the floor and perhaps become the next Amy Tinkler, choosing the right sport’s wear is almost as important as doing all that training. Thousands of hours of hard work go into making an Olympic gymnast and you need tonnes of dedication and focus to achieve the heights of a gold medallist. Starting off with the right outfit should put you in the mood to succeed.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even if you want to look fantastic during practice, you still need to make the right choices for gym wear. That means avoiding loose or baggy clothing which can get caught or outfits that are too tight as they will probably get in the way of performance. Many training gymnasts will wear a gymnastic leotard but there’s no problem with wearing shorts and a close fitting top if you want.

Gymnastic Leotards

The standard uniform for female gymnasts is the leotard and there are some fantastic designs available for both training and competition. There are sleeveless, long sleeve and unitard styles among others that all come in a range of soft fabrics. You can go for a bit of sparkle or something a little more understated, depending on your likes and dislikes. The key is to make sure that you are comfortable so that you can easily perform everything from the vault to the high bar. That means choosing the right design and the right material that feels great on you but allows you to move.
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Shorts and Other Outfits

Comfort is pretty important, especially when you are training. While many budding gymnasts prefer the traditional leotard, there are options such as shorts and tops as well as tightly fitting cycle type shorts and micro hipsters which look just as great. Tops can be crop or turtle neck and you can choose materials such as lycra that have a good deal of flexibility.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

When it comes to rhythmic gymnastics there’s room for a bit more style and panache. While other gymnastic pursuits involve wearing a team uniform that makes everyone look the same, rhythmic gymnastics requires you to make a visual impact from more than just your movements. Plenty of colour and sparkle is usually required, though you need to make sure that your gymnastic leotard is still comfortable to wear while looking the part.

Menswear for Gymnasts

As with the girls, the boys need to be as comfortable and unencumbered as possible with their clothes. Long spandex shorts and tight fitting tops are the order of the day. Looking great is all about muscular definition compared to female athletes, so leotard tops are the perfect solution.

Staying Warm During Breaks

Gymnasts, particularly in competition, will often be standing around waiting to perform. It’s important that you stay warm during these periods so making sure you have a snug tracksuit that keeps your muscles and joints supple and ready for action is almost as important as the performance wear.

Having the right gymnastic outfits not only makes you look fantastic on the floor, it also gives you a boost because you feel the part. The good news is there’s plenty to choose from if you want to stand out from the crowd.

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