What’s in your Dance Bag?

Posted: Aug 26 2016

Dance Bags | Ballet Bags | Tokyo Monster DancewearNew classes will be starting this September and, if you’re going to one, be sure to get your dance bag ready for action. Don’t just throw stuff in at random, it’s time to think about the contents of your bag and what you are going to need. Whether you are a ballet fanatic or love your musical theatre, want to try a bit of Strictly or just want to freestyle, it’s time to do an inventory.

Dance Shoes – The Starting Point

Always the most important part of any dance bag – dance shoes are the start of you dance bag! Different dances require certain footwear, for ballet you need ballet shoes with the correct tapes, modern and many lyrical styles of dance needs jazz shoes, choose from split or full sole. Tap shoes come in a range of styles and you can choose from toe taps or toe and heel taps depending on your style and personal choice. You can see the full range of Tokyo Monster Dance Shoes here:

Top Dance Bag Tip: Make sure you haven’t outgrown your shoes if you’re returning for the new dance season and check they are in good condition.

Confidence starts with Dancewear

Practice makes perfect with dancing but great dancewear can give you a confidence boost before you start so get dancewear you love and feel comfortable in. If you have been dancing for years, then you may just want a new pair of dance leggings or tights to finish or replace a look, or you may need a whole new outfit!

Current trends in dance wear means there are plenty of choices out there for the budding professional dancer. There are more athletic looking bra tops and snug dance pants to more flirty overdresses and leotards that look great. If you are studying dance to a standard where you are taking exams, then you may have to wear a specific uniform. You can view our entire range of dance leotards, including regulation wear here:

Warm Up Dance Clothing

Cardigans, legwarmers, sweat pants and other loose and warm clothing is always a great idea and keeping it in your dance bag ensures you won’t forget it, and remember to wear it when you warm down also! Ballet cardigans are a classic design perfect for most types of dance with their woolly fabric and tie around belt, these great and practical cardigans won’t come loose or get in the way of your ballet positions.

See all out warm up wear here

Dance Accessories make an Outfit

There are always extra things you need in your dance bag when you go to a class or an event. You don’t really want to be looking around for stuff or ruing a forgotten hairpin or two when you’re about to strut your stuff. Things to consider putting in your dance bag include:

  • Don’t forget your food and drink – dancing can be a strenuous pastime. Include a good bottle of water and the odd energy bar or two to keep you going.
  • If you’re wearing something like tights, always have a spare pair in your kit, rolled up and in a separate bag to prevent snagging, just in case you need them.
  • What about beauty accessories? Just in case, pack your makeup, hairpins and rollers if you need them, and, of course, some deodorant.

The Dance Bag

Perhaps your dance bag itself needs an update, there are no rules about what a dance bag looks like, for some it’s a plastic bag, for others an on trend dance themed bag with all the pockets and straps needed to house all your dance kit. If you are taking your child to their first dance class, then a classic ballet case is nearly a rite of passage for young ballerinas! For older or professional dancer, great dance bags made by dance brands like Freed are popular.

For a great range of Dance bags for every type of dancer click here:

Before you set out to your dance class this new season, make sure your bag is ready for action and you have everything in it that you need. Then you can concentrate on being the dance hall diva who is always ready for action.

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