Why Dance is One of the Best Ways to Keep Fit

Posted: Sep 06 2016

Fitness Dance | Dance Wear | Dancing | Dance BlogGo back a few years and dancing was something that the older generation did at special gatherings and that most people wouldn’t generally consider.  Or it was something reserved for times when too much alcohol had been consumed!  But today, dancing has become hugely popular, with shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars leading the way.  More and more people are coming to realise that dancing is actually one of the best ways to keep fit.

Why take up dancing?

Okay so it looks like fun and all those gorgeous outfits are a real attraction but what are the health benefits that you can gain from dancing?  For starters, it is a brilliant way to shed the calories that we acquire from our food and don’t always run off during our normal daily activities.  Dancing increases the circulation, making our whole system operate more efficiently and it is estimated that some dances can burn 5-10 calories per minute!

All that dancing around also has a positive effect on bones and joints.  It can help stave off conditions such as osteoporosis and also lowers levels of oestrogen in post-menopause women.  This is a good thing because oestrogen prevents bones from absorbing calcium and this in turn causes them to weaken.

Dancing is about movement and to be successful, you need to work on your balancing.  While this makes you a better dancer, it also helps to strength muscles and to get the central nervous system working properly.  It can even help reduce the risk of heart conditions as it encourages the efficiency operation of the cardiovascular system.

Look Great in Dancewear!

Along with feeling great, there is also now a huge range of different types of dancewear available for every style of dance and type of body. From trendy leotards to cute dance trainers, dance branded t-shirts to unique dance skirts and great dance shoes and accessories. Click here to see our full range.

Mental as well as physical benefits

The physical benefits to dancing are substantial and there are also mental benefits to dancing that may be a little more surprising.  For instance, learning a dance can help boost memory as we get older.  Studies have shown that aerobic exercise prevents and even reverses the volume loss in the part of the brain that controls memory, the hippocampus.  This loss is often to blame for conditions such as impaired memory and even dementia in some cases.

Stress reduction is an important thing at any stage in life and taking up dancing is a great way to do this.  By putting aside your problems and involving yourself in the dance you can relieve your stress and enjoy yourself.  The calm that you find from this can help you deal with stress during your daily life better as well.

Dancing is fun!

Finally, let’s not forget that dancing is fun!  You can meet new people or develop a new shared interest with someone already in your life.  It is a social activity and a good reason to get out of the house, change our routines and try something new.  We learn about the dances and the cultures behind them, broadening our horizons and leave the studio with a better sense of self-worth.  Dancing really can make you glow and helps people take pride in their appearance too.

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