How do you become a professional ballerina

Posted: Mar 19 2015

How do you become a professional ballerina - Dance Wear Blog
The dance profession can be a major career choice for many people from across the world. Becoming a professional dancer can be one of the hardest jobs to get into, despite being one of the most desired professions to follow.

Many people do make it into the big leagues, and manage to secure regular work within musical and theatre productions, and they are perfectly happy with their role in the chorus line, even if they never get any individual recognition for their work.

In nearly all cases though, a dancer must go through strict and dedicated lessons and training to be good enough to make it through the auditions that are crucial to them landing a part. You need to have the passion, drive, and determination to make it through all the stages necessary to succeed.

When you have a particular goal of becoming a ballerina in mind, your have to become even more disciplined about your training, and you need to realise that you will be competing for places in an even smaller niche than a dancer with a more general focus will have.

Every Ballerina in history had to start at the bottom and work her way to the top, and they pretty much all started out in either a stage school, or took dance classes in their spare time before taking up specialised training. Many will go to a performing arts college or university to get an advanced qualification while at the same time audition for jobs to gain some valuable experience to build up their portfolio.

Many aspiring ballet dancers will dream of one day becoming that recognised and picturesque Prima-Ballerina that gains international fame, and first-class treatment wherever she goes. Your own dance teacher can often play a crucial role in helping you to hit the heights. Being experienced dancers themselves, your dance teacher is in a perfect position to spot raw talent and potential in their own students. Yes, they can be hard on you, and you may feel they are singling you out from your class-mates, but that could be because they see so much potential in you.

If you are looking to take your first steps into ballet, then the first thing to do is to take some ballet lessons to see if it really is the right form of dancing for you. There is a hidden art and technique behind ballet that sets it apart from other dance styles. Most ballet dancers realise their passions from an early age, but older students can also have dreams too!

Starting ballet lessons later in life will not mean you will never become a ballerina. It just means that you will have to work harder to achieve your dreams. From the first time you pull on your first pair of ballet shoes, you can still feel like a graceful and poised ballet dancer.

Many dance schools will work with their students to put on their own productions, so you will not only be learning how to dance, but you will also get to experience what it feels like to perform on stage in front of a live audience.

Once you feel confident enough in your own ballet skills, and your techniques are good, you can keep taking part in your own school productions not only for the enjoyment, but in the hope that you may get recognised for your talent.

So if you are thinking about taking your first steps into the wonderful world of ballet, start off with the right equipment to help you achieve your goals. A good pair of ballet shoes is probably going to be the most important piece of your clothing ensemble, so check with your ballet school or dance instructor to see if they have any preferred colours and styles.

If you are a complete beginner, then you will need a different type of shoe to someone who has more experience. Beginners do not need to rush out and buy pointed ballet shoes, and generally there are three different foot shapes to consider before making any rushed choices. Knowing the shape of your foot before you buy your first pair of shoes will certainly help. Take your time to choose the right fitting ballet shoes and training clothes that are both comfortable and functional.

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