Dancing at Home?

Posted: Jul 08 2016

Dance at Home DancewearDancing at home? The best dance DVDs, YouTube videos and video games for staying fit and practicing your dance moves at home:

Dance is a great way to learn new moves and get fit at the same time. If you can’t get to a studio or class then the good news is there are plenty of DVDs, online videos and games to help you get in the groove.

We all get more out of an exercise session when it’s fun to do and dancing is one of the best ways to get those muscles toned and give yourself a good cardio workout. With so many products on the market, it’s not so easy to find the right one that fires your enthusiasm.

Whether you’re a salsa fanatic, belly dancing fan or want to throw down some serious moves on the dance floor at your local club, here’s our quick guide to some of the best videos on the market:

Dance DVD's

There are plenty of dance DVDs out there on the market, particularly since the rise of shows like Strictly Come Dancing. If you want to learn how to move your hips like a Latin master or improve your footwork on the dancefloor, these choices are ideal.

Zumba: One of the most popular crazes in recent years, this is the perfect whole body workout that sculpts and tones in no time at all.
Strictly Fit: There are a number of DVDs available now from the Strictly Come Dancing team including different dances styles including Latin.
Davina Fit in 15: If you like your dance exercise in short bursts then Davina McCall’s tabata routine will not only get you burning calories but also loosen up your body for more intensive dances.

YouTube Videos

There are thousands and thousands of videos on YouTube developed by both amateurs and professionals that are free to access. These include:

The Vixen Workout from Candice Craig: If you want to shimmy and shake your way to a better body and loosen up those joints, then this ten-minute video is perfect if you have a little spare time.
Bombay Jam Bollywood Workout: Another short burst of activity, great for all you lovers of Indian Dance delivered by the ClassFit Sugar Dance workout team.
Latin Dance Workout: If you want something more intense to get your hips moving in rhythm, this 49-minute workout starts slow and builds up some serious energy.
Dance Party Workout: Fast and furious, this 30-minute mix of party styles from Ryan Heffington should hit the spot for those who want a more focused dance blast.

Video Games

Good video games that actually work are still few and far between for dance but there are some gems out there. Makes sure you have the right extra equipment to get the feedback on screen which helps improve performance:

MTV’s Dance Central: A game for Xbox which works in association with a Kinect motion sensor that mimics your movements, Dance Central has a strong play list including top performing artists.
Wii Just Dance: It may not be up there with Xbox and Playstation but Wii dance games can get you burning a bunch of calories to some great tunes.
Dance Dance Revolution: Available for Playstation, Xbox and Wii, this game uses a foot placement mat and delivers an intense body workout. You can even add your own music to make it more interesting.

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