The Most Famous Male Ballet Dancers

Posted: Jun 27 2016

Male Ballet Dancers | Ballet | Ballet Wear | Dancewear Ballet is a beautiful and artistic form of dance that is admired by many across the world. It has a way of capturing our emotions through what seems to be such a simple method and technique. While this art form is commonly attributed to women and their seemingly natural grace, the men are often forgotten. There have been, and are, some truly extraordinary male ballet dancers in the world. They are graceful, elegant, and yet still retain their bare masculinity on the stage. Here are some of the most famous male ballet dancers in the world, and they truly exhibit masterful technique.

Rudolf Nureyev

When Nureyev entered the scene, a new age dawned for male ballet dancers. He is celebrated as one of the best dancers of the twentieth century and performed ballet as well as modern dance. He experimented passionately with new and expressive artistic skills, creating a new role for the male ballet dancer. He was no longer just a support for the female dancers, he could take centre stage and even perform as a soloist.

Roshon Fegan

Fegan is an accomplished dancer, despite his young age of 24. He is best known for his role as Ty Blue on ‘Shake it Up’, but dancing is his true passion. His ballet skills are extraordinary and he shows a very promising career in the future. He is multi-talented, being skilled in acting, singing, and dancing – a combination that most envy.

Benjamin Millepied

Most famous for his role as a dancer and choreographer in the evocative and sensual ballet film, Black Swan, he is a gifted dancer off the camera as well. In fact, his work is so widely appreciated and applauded that he was made Director of Dance at the Paris opera ballet in October of 2014. He has been in a number of large performances, including The Nutcracker.

George De La Pena

Pena is an American ballet dancer, theatre performer, and a choreographer. He is highly skilled in all these areas and held in high regard for his work, both on and off the stage. Originally, he was trained as a concert pianist, but switched to ballet as he felt a stronger pull to the art. During the 70s, he rose to success and fame after joining the American Ballet Theatre. It was not long before he became a soloist, dazzling the crowds with his beautiful routines.

Mike Raven

Raven was exceedingly popular throughout the 60s and 70s. He was admired by many for his great skill and grace during ballet shows. Aside from being a dancer, he was many things in his life – including an author and a sheep farmer. All of his experiences helped him to grows as a person, and a dancer. He was intense, often eliciting emotion form the audience that they did not necessarily expect. Those who watched him dance were certainly not disappointed.

Serge Lifar

Lifar is considered one of the most famous and extraordinary male ballet dancers of the twentieth century. He is widely regarded and acclaimed as one of the best of his time, and his home country are so proud to call him their own that his face is printed on their currency. He was a ballet dancer, writer, and choreographer, and skilled in all of these areas.

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